What is planning ?

It’s visualizing in mind what we want . Every action start with vision, it’s the first and most important step to action. We see it, we plan it , we act on it, and its done .

The reward is the end product .

What is desire ?

Its the colors which paints the vision . Without desire, vision is just black and white, and don’t have much impact .

My Love is Like …

When the Sun shines bright , and Heat don’t feel right ….My Love is like the clouds …..that covers you …..Pours down on you …..Soaking your dress ….That soaked dress….That hugs you and won’t stay away….even If you try to….My Love is like that …..When Breeze passes through the soaked dress….Kissing you , sending shivers all over….

My Love is like that

Love lives on

The moment I feel I understand what Love is, it change its face and meaning, and once again I feel lost .

What is Love ? Is it that feeling in our heart, that is hidden from every one else, we feel it , acknowledge it , embrace it . It is usually some one who cultivates it, nourish it, by showing care, taking interest in our being, being there in thick and thin .

One day , that some one may not be there any more, but feeling never dies. It continue to breath and live in our heart. Just cause life has taken a turn, don’t mean Love has taken a turn too …

I will always Love you .

And I know you love me too .

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Will it be darkness filled with red eyed monsters

Will it be thunder and lightening , perhaps flash flood warning

Will it be silence filled with screaming loneliness

an old lady sitting in the corner staring outside with empty eyes, holding a picture of her family

Or may be a free fall from the top of cliff with a feeling of last breath leaving the lungs

Will it be numbness , a body, a robotic mind just going on with life

Or it be early signs of spring, tiny daffodil leaf emerging from frozen ground

Perhaps one last meeting with you before we depart

what will it be ?


Words don’t come easy to me, I only use them as I don’t have any other way to communicate, but if I could , I would just use pictures .

I wish people can see the colors around other people, then they will know instantly how the other person is feeling. Words can’t be trusted, they are just sound one makes.

I do want to talk, about so many things, but I don’t have the words, or may be I don’t want to open the flood gate of feelings, which I know are too powerful for me to contain, if they escaped the prison of my Mind.

Sometimes its necessary to ignore the feelings, just to keep the sanity. Sometimes Its necessary to keep the life vest on, when one don’t know how to swim in deep waters.

I am curious , and I keep thinking what exist in this deep water, should I be afraid? or should I let go and let myself drown .


Feelings of Love fell on to my heart

Like fingers on piano keys

Creating Music, songs, symphonies

Giving birth to words

Tickled by your thoughts

Words begin to giggle

Then started to dance

Holding hands with feelings

Lifting my spirit

To that faraway land

Inhabited by Love

in that other Galaxy

~ © Ak


My heart use to be a place full of sunny days, where countless fragrant colored flowers grew all around, butterflies’s heaven it was. Some days were cloudy as well, but clear as clean crystal , I could see for miles, those lush green mountains surrounding the valley that carried the sparkling blue water in its lap. A place where I could go and stay for as long as I wanted, full of clean fresh air, full of oxygen , the aura full of serenity it use to fill me up with.

My heart is now all foggy, it has the strange smell of mystery now, I can’t see too far, at night it gets even more dark. I am sure, someone else lives there now, I can hear the sobing, but since I can’t see , I don’t know who is that. At times it pulls me in, but I try not to stay for too long. Since you have departed and left me here on earth, my heart has become a hunted place.

~ Ak

Ghost trough trees in mysterious forest with fog on Halloween

What is it ?

Do I love you ?

I have been thinking

But what is Love ?

Is it the fragrance to flower ?

or moonlight to moon ?

Is it the waves to sea?

or the twinkle in the eyes of baby?

please explain to me

What Love is?

is it what attract Moth to flame

or is it the raindrop to desert sand

is it the kiss of sunset colors to horizon

or the passionate madness in Lovers heart

Is it the face of Beloved ?

or is it the magic

that cause the Lover to disappear into Beloved

What is it ?

is it the morning breeze

that fondles with your hair

and whispers my name in your ear

Or is it the darkness of Moonless night

That haunts me and yet also arouse me

Is it the hidden secret of Universe ?

and yet, where ever you see

You see the face of Love

~ Aks

Is that you?

Reflecting on dew drops

Hidden between the rain drops

unfolding in fragrance of rose

Is that you I feel on my finger tips when I touch

the velvety softness of Petals

The colors of sunset, painting my vision

Is that you I hear

Moonlight whispering in my ears

Song of Birds

Lullaby of stream pulls me towards it self

Is that you


I have gone mad

Why does this madness taste so sweet

Even when I break into million pieces

And sadness squeeze my neck

I struggle for breath

The heartache takes over

You sit with me and feel my pain

Tenderly you hold me

remind me, there is tomorrow

It will be alright, its just temporary

Nothing remains, everything changes

So will the sorrow the pain

Its Burning inside , let it burn

Burn it all, to ashes

Its all an illusion

You will remain , you are eternal

~ Ak


I have been looking for you

Birth after Birth

Finally I have found you

I have been waiting

Anxiously , impatiently

Listen to the foot steps

She is approaching

That walk, the rhythm

Or is it my heartbeat

Pulsating in my ears

I am ready

Holding roses in my hands

Then she appears

Looks straight into my eyes

Turning me to stone

I can see her but can’t blink

I can hear her but can’t speak

I can feel her but can’t move

Her hands touching me

Every cell of my body vibrating

Chanting her name

My heart singing

Waiting patiently

for her lips to touch mine

Waiting the universe to explode again

Waiting to take birth again

Only this time we change the roles

She will wait for me

~ AK

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